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The School of Physical Chemistry 2021 involved 12 renowned scientists as teachers, with lectures focusing on different techniques, ranging from spectroscopies to microscopies, from crystallography to calorimetry, from nanoassemblies to fundamental physico chemical approaches, all devoted to the understanding of supramolecular interactions in biological systems.

The School of Physical Chemistry 2021 has received great interest, as well highlighted by the large participation of students from all over Italy and beyond: 60 among PhD students, postdoc and young researchers attended lessons and discussions during the four-day long school.

Students not only had the possibility to enrich their technical and scientific background by attending lessons, but had also the opportunity to present and discuss the results of their research activities: 41 students divided into 8 sessions contributed to a lively scientific discussion with their presentations.

Four different committees, one for each day, evaluated students’ presentation and the best four have been awarded with the PCCP presentation Prize and a cash prize.

So congratulations to Ola El Samrout (University of Torino), Rita Gelli (University of Florence), Chiara Pelosi (University of Pisa) and Andreas Santamaria (Institut Laue-Langevin).

Finally, thanks to Società Chimica Italiana and to Divisione di Chimica Fisica, and particularly to Gaetano Guerra (Presidente Società Chimica Italiana) and Giovanni Marletta (Presidente Divisione di Chimica Fisica).

See the final report on the School of Physical Chemistry 2021

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